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 Ventures Meeting 16th September 2021


Muriel (will be late)

Aoife (staying on after Thursday Scouts)



Venture Terminology:

Hood= the venture group

Crew=the smaller groups of ventures within the hood

Venture Program – Suas (first part of the program), Trasna (second part of the program)

Crews from September 2021

Crew Leader:

Assis. Crew Leader:



Crew Leader:

Assis. Crew Leader:



Current ventures: Aisling K


Current ventures: Ciaran M


New ventures: Luke


Noah Fe.


New ventures: Tom




Crew Leader:

Assis. Crew Leader:



Crew Leader:

Assis. Crew Leader:

Matthew McM

Aidan C.

Current ventures: Sam


Current ventures: Daniel


New ventures: Aidan T.


Matthew R


New ventures: Ruairi

Noah Fa.



Objective of the meeting:

To familiarise ventures with the running order and procedures for the venture meeting each week.

  • Making the tarp covering
  • Falling in around the flag
  • Raising and lowering the flag

Meeting Order:

  1. Each week the ventures will arrive at the den at the meeting starting time – 8.30 (not early and not late)
  2. On arrival ventures will put mask on before coming into the den area.
  3. Ventures will come in the gate and take a left – put on hand sanitiser and move left around the den until they reach the venture area (right side of the den opposite side to the bin/ bike area).
  4. The first job to complete is to put up the tarp (largest one for best cover). The tarp is clipped to the den building and fixed to the trees (Alessandro and the ventures have / seen this / helped to put it up).
  5. Once everyone is in attendance and the tarp is up, the ventures can fall in around the flag pole on the request of the leaders.
  6. The ventures will fall around the flag pole

Positions for flag break – leaders            standing beside the flag pole. Crew Leaders 

             Standing to the front of their crews (assistant crew leader to the left of the line of   

              Crew members).

  1. Following groups salut and raising flag the section will say the scouting promise
  2. Leaders / crew leaders will share any information needed and the group will fall out.
  3. The meeting as planned continues
  4. The group gather around the flag pole for scout promise and law any messages or lowering the flag. Group are dismissed and go straight home.

Meeting specifics for the 16th September 2021

  • Procedure for raising and lowering the flag (flag is in side office amongst the other things.
  • The responsibilities of the crews – crew leaders / assistant crew leaders
  • Uniform – a uniform inspection will take place every week – the importance of wearing a proper uniform (necko, scout shirt, navy trousers / scout trousers
  • Crews are timed to put up and take down tarp cover
  • If any time allowed – preview of mountaineering skills and first aid
  • Introduction of the whistle system

1 whistle – stop, 2 whistles- same as scout sign – stop and make the scout sign, 3 whistles – fall into crews / come back to base