I am Alive

looking through my window, at the land slowly turning white.
Childhood memories forcing a smile upon my face
cold hands, red face
duck, dive, throw, jump, fall.

But now these old hands that take too long to recover
bones don’t flex as once they did.
Wish I could play once more in that snow.
I wish my aim was true
my muscle strong
my body able
But alas those days are no more

So now I look through this window, I look at the children play
I am with them, every missile thrown, every snow angel made
Every hand warmed by a strong breath.
Smiling now from memory,
I am alive


DM 2018



Creamy clouds billow upon the bay.
tripping each other on their route towards me.
Sprinkling a light dusting of snow on the sandy beach.

Clenched hands now in pockets.
swirling clouds now envelope and dance around me
hail now drumming on the roof of parked cars
rising quickly dancing pounding thundering
I shut my eyes against the sharp hail as it flies about


My boyhood memories are of a warm golden beach

the mussel beds upon the rocks was my playground

I remember picking up potatoes salty from the sea

dumped by farmers to keep the prices up,  “Tasty”

Fisherman and farmer in unison between here an Lambay


Our small 4 berth caravan  regularly held eight

Or more, no one ever got turned away

And when a lady on the beach asked for a pot of hot water

my mother was always ready to oblige.

At night I would look at the stars

lying on the warm bonnet of my father skoda




DM 2018