Calendar of events

Venture Calendar


November 2017

Planned 25k 2 day hike

Unfortunately this was cancelled as only 3 venturers available to go. we will do it in the new year hopefully

17 Den:  Pioneering box and spider web ( used rope as tensioning support instead of cross braces. bit messy but it worked. then made a game out of it.

24 Den:  Draw from map image from lough Dan (all done well at visualising the scene)

December 2017

1 Den: Cook-  Check score sheets

7 Den:    Cook- rice/curry with meat.   Bouldering on wall. bring climbing shoes.

10: Twelve days tickets to be returned by today. Sold and unsold books.

10 Fairview church   : Sunday   at 10:45am  Group Mass will take place in Fairview Church

  • We will meet at 10:30am inside Fairview Church in the seats at the front. Full uniform should be worn.
  • This MASS will be offered for Mr. Tom O’Donohoe – a scout in Killarney and to remember the past Scouts from our Scouting family.
  • All members of your family can attend the FAMILY MASS in Fairview Church

14 Den:  Mocktail and Mime night   

Christmas party.

21 no meeting.

28 No Meeting

                   31 Sunday- Turkey buster

Meet 10am at the green in portrane.

All family and friends welcome. All scouts and children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

January 2018

4 Den: Start back ….

11 Den:

18 Den:

25 Den:

February 2018

1 Den:

8 Den:

10:    Sunday  Night hike to make the most of the full moon..

11  full moon 00:32am

15 Den:

22 Den:


12 march Full moon


11 April full moon


10 May full moon


9 June full moon